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Tips for growing strong, healthy hair.

By May 21, 2014June 5th, 2015Cloud nine, Hair, Product
Healthy hair is always in fashion. Sometimes we need a little extra help to keep it at its optimal. Whether your hair is recovering after pregnancy, your a bride wanting to grow it long for the big day, or you want to restore lost volume,  we’ve got 5 helpful tips to get your hair to its full potential.

1. Use High Performance Products

DS Laboratories Revita Shampoo, Conditioner and topical treatments  are the most efficient hair growth stimulating products on the market, with a combination of natural & cosmeceutical ingrediants, Revita treats the scalp and follicile to promote a healthy growth cycle. With each product containing active ingredients, anti inflammatory agents, antioxidants, stimulates, vitamins and minerals, revita offers powerful results on scalp vitality and hair growth stimulation, will also increase the diameter of hair strands, while leaving the hair soft and silky.

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2. Haircuts

We always hear people saying , “I’m not getting a cut, I’m trying to grow my hair.” The truth is, If you leave it, the ends will only get worse and you will end up having to sacrifice more length. Its important to maintain trims every 6-8 weeks, keep the ends fresh to promote strong healthy hair. Blunt Cuts will create a healthy fuller look.

3. Treatments

A must have for maintaining beautiful hair. A weekly protein treatment only takes 5 minutes & will strengthen and repair damaged hair. For shine & lustre go for a moisture mask. We love mane prescription & the great hydrator by EVO.

4. State Of  The Art Technology

Use a thermal Ionic hairdryer, to dry hair faster and smoother by locking in moisture, you will cut down drying time and wont scorch your hair as much as regular dryers do. If your going to use hot styling tools, straightners or curling wands,  make sure your using state of the art technology from cloud nine, with the unique black ceramic plates, that add shine to the hair. You also have control over the heat setting of cloud nine tools, meaning you can create any style you like with less heat. Less heat = less damage. Always use a thermal heat protecter in your hair before using heat styling.  Not only do they offer heat defense, but also hold and shine to your style. 

5. Diet

Eat foods rich in protein, protein is essential for hair growth. Foods rich in omega 3’s will promote a healthy scalp  Vitamin D and Zinc are also esential for growth. Go for foods such as; salmon,osyters, spinach, almonds, sunflower seeds. If your looking for a supplement, Silica is our favourite, for strong and healthy connective tissue, which is necessary for strong hair.

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