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The Paris Look

By March 31, 2015June 4th, 2015Evo, Hair, Moroccanoil, Product, Styles, Travel

Visiting Paris we discovered that it’s true. The French are just that, so Frenchy, and oh so chic!

French women are super cool and when it comes to their locks, the look is casual, nonchalant bed hair that says “hey I just woke up with this!” At Salon Lelu we know better though – this level of cool just doesn’t happen, it’s carefully cultivated. Firstly, don’t wash your hair too regularly; the French look is much better achieved on second day hair. Secondly, the classic Frenchy look is brunette, with a barely-there hue of very natural ombré. And when it comes to natural texture, the trick is to work it, not fight it. For curly hair, only comb when wet, using a wide-tooth comb. For straight hair, carry a bristle brush to create volume. Finally, a touch of French perfume behind the ear or nape of neck ­– and consider yourself perfectly Parisian! Cultivate the Paris Look using these great products: