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Spring has sprung – THANK GOD!

By September 15, 2013May 7th, 2014Fashion, Hair, Spring
By the time we hit Spring our hair is calling out for a little love and attention. Winter is never kind to our locks – blustery winter wind, indoor heating and the dramatic change in temperature can be hair’s #1 enemy. Dry, brittle and weak, it’s not uncommon for a bad hair day to last all season.

Spring is the perfect time for a hair overhaul. Kiss dull and lifeless hair goodbye and treat yourself to a new cut, colour and a fresh start.

Earlier this year we travelled to the Big Apple to find out what will be trending in Spring 2013. Here’s the verdict: this Spring/Summer we’ll see textured twists and braids – loose, messy and sassy. Haircuts will be bold with solid perimeters – think bobs and cuts with straight-edged finishes. And for colour – soft glow and a warm boost are all the rage.

Need some extra advice? Pop in to Salon Lelu for a visit – we’ll help you get rid of your Winter blues with a new and stylish Spring do.